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    Updated on Jan 9, 2020. Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    15 Harry Potter Characters Dripping With BDE

    Harry has zero BDE so no, he's not on the list.

    *Disclaimer* this list is based off the movie portrayals of Harry Potter characters because BDE has a lot to do with facial expressions. Feel free to yell at me in the comments.

    1. Lily Potter

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Sacrificed herself for Harry

    * Super loyal

    * Put James in his place

    2. Dolores Umbridge

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Will literally kill you while smiling

    * Has a signature color

    * Lowkey terrifying

    3. Viktor Krum

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Good dancer

    * Rocks a fur coat

    * Them eyebrows

    4. Sirius Black

    Warner Brothers / Via

    *Escaped Azkaban

    *Brave AF

    *Sexily sips wine

    5. Neville Longbottom

    Warner Brothers / Via

    *Strong moral compass

    *Dances like a maniac

    *Underdog of the year

    6. The Sorting Hat

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Will read you to filth

    * Confident as hell

    * Knows you better than you know yourself

    7. Tom Riddle

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Gets what he wants

    * Always scheming

    * Just look at him

    8. Fred and George Weasley

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Funniest guys you know

    * Hearts of gold

    * Loyal to the end

    9. Dobby

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * The original ride or die

    * Ready to throw hands whenever necessary

    * Knows what's best for you

    10. Cedric Diggory

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * The Golden Boy

    * Everyone's favorite Hufflepuff

    * Athletic AF

    11. Remus Lupin

    Warner Brothers / Via

    *Is actually a wolf

    *Died for Harry

    *Damn good wizard

    12. Molly Weasley

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * "Not my daughter, you bitch"

    * Makes dope sweaters

    * Has no time for your bullshit

    13. Hermione Granger

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Smarter than you

    * Always has a plan

    * Punched Draco

    14. Albus Dumbledore

    Warner Brothers / Via

    *Beard goals AF

    *Basically fathered Harry Potter

    *Owns a freaking phoenix

    15. Professor McGonagall

    Warner Brothers / Via

    * Turns into a cat whenever the fuck she wants

    * Doesn't put up with anyone's shit

    * Queen of witty comebacks

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