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18 Magical Hair Colors You'll Actually Want To Try This Spring

Bright colors? For spring? Groundbreaking.

1. This fire ombré that blends from red to orange.

@yinkabokinni / Via

Will the sunset be upset that you stole its look? Maybe. But the red to orange ombre is too cute not to try at least once.

3. This iced lemonade look that serves up next-level yellow and orange hues.

@rubydevine / Via

The only thing more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of lemonade is this fresh cut and color by Ruby at Frizzles Salon.

4. These electric yellow braids that simply radiate happiness.

@lightkeeperschild / Via

April may bring showers, but with hair like this you'll bring sunshine with you wherever you go.


5. This spearmint bob that's angled to perfection.

@hairbyraynhigh / Via

The temperatures may be warming up, but with this color done by Rachel Highfield, you'll be staying fresh and cool all season long.

6. This iceberg look that features all the best shades of blue.

@studio_wolf / Via

The perfect look for when you want people to know there's more beneath the surface. Follow Lindsay Wolf to see more of her brilliant color work.

7. This pixie dust look that practically jumped right out of a fairytale.

@rossmichaelssalon / Via

I'm convinced Ross Michaels Salon mixed two parts hair dye and one part pixie dust to create this magical look.

8. These galaxy waves that blend all the colors in the Milky Way.

@kellonderycksalon / Via

This hair may be interstellar, but the only star I see is Chiquita Ingram who styled this wig to perfection.


17. These kaleidoscope curls that you can pair with any outfit.

@bleachedandblown / Via

Why limit yourself to just one color, when you can rock the whole damn rainbow? Follow Jamie Gomez for more color inspiration.

18. And finally, these half-n-half curls that prove silver and black will always go together.

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