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    Someone Bought An Expired "Grow In Water" Baby Egg And Holy God It's Terrifying

    "Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me."

    Since its inception, the aisles of Goodwill thrift stores have always been filled with some amazingly bizarre finds. Just look at this titty teacup.

    @buffelo_ / Via Twitter: @buffelo_

    Back in 2013, Tumblr user Iguanamouth found an expired "grow in water" toy, and decided to put the egg in water, you know, for science.

    Iguanamouth / Via

    As a true scientific professional, Iguanamouth documented the stages of the egg in the water, and by the 9 hour mark a crack began to form in the egg.

    Iguanamouth / Via

    Time moved slowly forward, but by the 23 hour mark things went terribly, terribly wrong.

    Iguanamouth / Via

    Iguanamouth couldn't wait any longer, and freed the monstrosity from its eggshell prison.

    Iguanamouth / Via

    Looking down at the half baby/half demon Iguanamouth birthed, we must ask ourselves "Has science gone too far?"

    Iguanamouth's post resurface recently after it was shared on Twitter and people were reasonably horrified.

    @prismataech17 / Via Twitter: @prismataech17

    Surely god in heaven above could not have created such a beast.

    @FizzySodaWave @melbsonmymind Sprays it with holy water THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELLS YOU

    @ireadnreact / Via Twitter: @ireadnreact

    *Immediately Googles how to unsee things*

    @aroundofshe / Via Twitter: @aroundofshe

    As if the egg baby wasn't terrifying enough, it turns out Iguanamouth never destroyed the abomination.

    NBC / Via

    "Listen, it's still somewhere in the house, but I don't know where," Iguanamouth told Buzzfeed.

    NBC / Via

    So it's safe to say, if Iguanamouth ever goes missing at least we know the prime suspect.

    Iguanamouth / Via

    In the wise words of Mike Wazowski...

    Disney / Via


    Iguanamouth first hatched the egg baby in 2013. A previous version of this post stated it was hatched recently.

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