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    Posted on Jul 14, 2017

    This House Just Completely Fell Into A Sinkhole In Florida And Why Do People Still Live There?

    It ALWAYS happens in Florida.

    If you were unaware, Florida is a pretty terrifying place to live. Here are just a few headlines about incidents that occurred in Florida during 2016.

    You know, just normal Florida things.

    All of this is super casual and totally makes sense.

    As if dealing with the citizens of Florida wasn't terrifying enough, rest assured nature is also out to get you.

    So in this installment of "WTF Florida what are you doing???" I present to you this video of a home being swallowed up by a sinkhole.

    #BREAKING: video shows second home falling into #sinkhole in Land O' Lakes Florida.


    Oh and guess what?? The sinkhole is growing.

    It's already swallowed TWO HOMES in Land O' Lakes, Florida, and more homes are now in danger.

    Universal Pictures

    While no injuries have been reported, according to ABC Action News, officials are worried that the sinkhole will merge with a nearby lake.


    Thank god everyone is safe, but if someone could please go down to Florida and help them figure this shit out, that would be great.


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