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Do You Remember When This Guy Pulled The Greatest Pizza Scam Ever?

What do you mean it's been a decade?

So 2007 was objectively a great year for viral content. It was the year we first watched Potter Puppet Pals, the year Britney shaved her head, and the year Taylor Swift performed in a Walmart.

Perhaps one of the greatest internet phenomenons to come out of 2007 was from a blog called The Sneeze. Steven, the owner and creator of The Sneeze, wanted a pizza and decided to test out the Domino's online ordering system.

A half pepperoni, half mushroom pizza is a reasonable enough request, but Steven didn't stop there. In a moment of either sheer brilliance or delusion, he placed an order for a pizza with no sauce, no cheese — absolutely nothing except beef on the left side.

While Steven may have ordered this pizza as a joke, these Domino's employees took their jobs seriously, and in 25 minutes this was delivered to Steven's door.

The images circulated on Reddit until one commenter dubbed this behemoth "None pizza with left beef."

Eventually "None pizza" became a Tumblr staple inspiring several spin off memes.


It became a playlist.


An actual necklace you can buy.


Someone even wore it as a costume.


I can't tell if the internet ruined it, made it better, or a bit of both.


Here's to a decade of "None pizza with left beef."