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    17 Photos That Prove Pixie Cuts Look Incredible With Curly Hair

    Curly pixie cuts are the way, the truth, and the life.

    1. Listen up everyone, because I'm here to share the curly pixie cut gospel with you.

    2. You may think curly hair wouldn't work as a pixie cut, but you'd be dead wrong.

    3. Because honey, the curly pixie cut is an absolute LEWK.

    4. You can rock the look as a brunette...

    5. Or as a blond!

    6. The curly pixie does not discriminate.

    7. Have you ever seen a smile so genuine? That's the power of the curly pixie.

    8. Honestly, there's no look more lethal than a curly pixie paired with a bold lip.

    9. Did y'all know we were running a two-for-one special on pixies today, because we are.

    10. The color, the cut, the curls?? I can't, it's all too glamorous.

    11. That look you give someone when they say pixie cuts only look good on people with straight hair. HA! Please.

    12. Y'all on team curly pixie yet, or nah?

    13. Do you need more examples? Well good, because we've got curly pixies for days.

    14. I dare you to look me in my eyes and tell me this look isn't absolute fire.

    15. We're serving up curly pixie eleganza on a silver platter, honey.

    16. It's time to get with the program because the curly pixie is here to stay, and slay, okay?

    17. That's it. My sermon is over, but curly pixies are forever.