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    We Need To Take A Moment To Talk About These Crotch Highlighting Pants

    "Umm my eyes are up here," — everyone who wears these pants.

    If there is one thing we can say definitively about the 21st century, it's that there has been no shortage of bizarre pants trends.

    But this latest pant "innovation" truly has me like...


    May I present, the penis pocket pant.

    These crotch accentuating pants were created by former Louis Vuitton designer, Kim Jones, as part of a collaboration with GU, an offshoot of Uniqlo available in Japan.

    A tweet pointing out the pants went viral early last week, and since then, people have been trying to wrap their heads around the *ahem* testy design.

    GUのメンズボトムのこれ、なにコレ。 こんなデザインが今ってお洒落なの? こんなパンツ恥ずかしくて履けないぞ。俺の感性がおかしいのか? なんでそこ色変えたよ。

    @vitz_nao / Via Twitter: @vitz_nao

    According to Kotaku's translation of the tweet, the user wrote, ""These men's bottoms, the hell are they. Is this design what's fashionable now? These pants are embarrassing, and I'm not going to wear them. Is it strange I'm being sensitive? Why change the color there?"

    In case you were wondering, of course the pants are available in multiple colors, because every crotch deserves variety.

    While the stock images of the pants seem pretty bold, this friend trio had no problems rocking the pants outside.

    GUのあのパンツ、買ったやで! →

    @Foodqueensatou / Via Twitter: @Foodqueensatou

    While the look may not be your cup of tea, the price of the pants is actually its biggest selling point.

    FOX / Via

    For only $9, these penis pocket pants can be yours. Now that's what I call ballin' on a budget.

    NBC / Via

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