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    ColourPop Is Finally In Ulta Stores, So Here's Everything You'll Want To Buy

    My body and wallet are not ready.

    It's time to say goodbye to your paychecks, y'all, because one of the greatest vegan beauty brands, ColourPop, is now being sold in select Ulta Beauty stores and online!

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    This is a BFD, my people — Colourpop used to be online-only, and Sephora just started selling it in stores a few months ago!

    Ulta officially stacked its sacred aisles with ColourPop products on Feb. 25, so here are some items you can expect to see in stores.

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    First up, Ulta and ColourPop teamed up to create exclusive lip bundles and foursome eyeshadow palettes that make for the perfect birthday present.


    Lip bundle price: $16

    Foursome palette price: $18

    Ulta's also stocking 12 different Super Shock Shadows that are packed with all the pigment you could ever want.


    Price: $5 each

    Or if you're more of a palette fanatic, Ulta's now carrying two ColourPop eyeshadow palettes: Element of Surprise and Double Entendre.


    Price: $16 each

    There are also four long-wearing Super Shock Highlighters that will have you glowing all day and all night.


    Price: $8 each

    And finally, Ulta is carrying 12 different shades of ColourPop's Ultra Matte liquid lipstick that last all day without drying out your lips.


    Price: $6.50 each

    Why are you still reading this? Grab your wallet, your best friend, and anyone else around you, and head to Ulta ASAP!

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