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If You Haven't Had Cheerwine You're Basically Not Living Your Best Life

Name a better cherry soda, I dare you.

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It has recently come to my attention that there are people living on this great Earth who have never heard of my one true love, Cheerwine.

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Cheerwine, my dear friends, is a soda created in 1917, in the middle of a sugar shortage, during World War I. And while I am an equal opportunity cherry-flavored soda drinker, no soda has ever matched the pure cherry flavor of Cheerwine.

Don’t get taste tired. Wake up to the delightfully different taste of #Cheerwine. #Cheerwine100

Cheerwine, in my most humble opinion, is the number one, most versatile soda. For an authentic Southern experience you can pour Cheerwine (out of a glass bottle) over a glass of crushed ice.

But you can also pour it over vanilla ice cream for the best float you'll ever taste.

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Just look at this cherry goodness, will you?