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    7-Eleven Is Giving Away Free Slurpees All Week, And My Body Is Ready

    Catch me sipping Slurpees while you basics sip your tea.

    If you've stepped foot outside recently, then you already know this summer has been disrespectfully hot.

    Me when I left home this morning vs. three minutes later

    @Johnny_Allman / Via Twitter: @Johnny_Allman

    And what better way to cool yourself down during these sinfully hot days than by sipping on an ice cold Slurpee, am I right?

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    Well, what if I told you that from Aug. 13 through Aug. 19 you could get two Slurpees for the price of one?

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    That's right folks, all week 7-Eleven is running a buy one get one free special on all Slurpees, and it's basically the perfect way to enjoy your final days of summer.

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    While you don't have to be a member of their 7Rewards loyalty program to enjoy this sweet deal, if you do have an account then both purchased and free Slurpees count towards earning you more points!

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    So what the heck are you waiting for? Grab a friend, sibling, significant other, parent, or even some random person on the street and get your booties down to 7-Eleven to score a free Slurpee!

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