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People Are Obsessed With This Dog Who Brings Water To Umpires During Baseball Games

Can we make a rule that all baseball games must involve dogs?

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Attention: please take a moment to stop stressing about everything in your life and watch this video of a very good dog carrying water to thirsty baseball umpires.

Jake the Diamond Dog is at the @TinCaps game, and he's still amazing. cc: @Lana

Jake the Diamond Dog is a regular at the Fort Wayne Tin Caps baseball games in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and according to his website he is the, "best darn dog in professional baseball."

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As a member of the Tin Caps team, Jake travels all over the Midwest showcasing his professional talents. They include delivering the game ball to the pitcher, bat retrieval, carrying water and towels to umpires, and being just a really, really good boy.