The Mayor Of Austin Just Shut Down This Sexist Email About Wonder Woman And It's Everything

    Mayor Adler ain't got time for sexism.

    When the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin announced plans for a women-only showing of Wonder Woman, a lot of men got upset.

    Most of these men expressed their discontent by commenting on Alamo’s Facebook page.

    However, one guy was so angry he decided to take matters into his own hands, and emailed the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler.

    There were several ways that Mayor Adler could have approached such an email. The easiest way would have been to ignore the message all together, but that's not how Mayor Adler works. Instead, he responded with his own email, and then posted both letters online.

    That paragraph alone was a perfect response, but Adler continues on to list just a few of the contributions women have made to society.

    Like fire escapes.

    And lest he forget, beer.

    He finishes the letter by stating everyone is welcome in Austin.

    It's the perfect response to such an inflammatory email. Way to go, Mayor Adler.