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Armpit Tattoos Are Basically A Nightmare If You Are Even Remotely Ticklish

Raise your hand if you're way too ticklish for this trend?

Remember back in 2014 when people started dyeing their armpit hair different colors?

Well apparently that wasn't colorful enough because now people are going out and getting their armpits tattooed.

Before you freak out and start commenting, "But Delaney, people with full arm tattoos have been rocking the armpit tats for years," these solo armpit tattoos are totally different.

Instead of connecting to more artwork down the arms, these tattoos stand alone right in the center of the armpit.

Honestly they're pretty perfect for showing off in the summer.

And there's no denying that the artwork is gorgeous.

But I still have a bunch of questions about these tattoos.

Does an armpit tattoo hurt worse than a rib tattoo?

What happens if you're super ticklish under your arms?

How does using deodorant work once you have a new tattoo?

Wouldn't the healing process absolutely suck?