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Anderson Cooper's Epic Eyeroll Deserves An Oscar Basically

The eye roll heard round the world.

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Last night on CNN, the silver fox himself, Anderson Cooper, gifted us with the greatest eyeroll of all time.

This @andersoncooper eye roll at @KellyannePolls is EVERYTHING.

Cooper was discussing President Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey when his guest, Kellyanne Conway, started veering off topic. Then in a moment of exasperation Cooper rolled his beautiful blue eyes.

this anderson cooper eyeroll at kellyanne conway is... choice


As soon as the segment aired, Twitter began blowing up with reactions.

And now, a moment of appreciation for Anderson Cooper's eye-roll shade at Kellyanne Conway

Anderson Cooper's eye roll is ALL OF US.

#AndersonCooper with the eye roll at #KellyAnneConway is all of us. 🙄Always. 🙄For this entire presidential term.🙄

It's basically the perfect reaction for almost every occasion.

.@AndersonCooper is literally all of us, rolling his eyes as Kellyanne Conway claims there's no Russia investigation