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Amazon Prime Offers Free Samples, And Here's How To Get Them

You can sample food, medicine, and even skincare products!

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After you purchase the sample, you receive credits equal to the price you paid, so if you pay $4 for a sample of anti-aging moisturizer, you receive a $4 credit to your account.


Then, if you're satisfied with your sample, you can use your credits to buy a full-size product. So the $4 credit you got for buying a sample moisturizer can then be used to buy a full size moisturizer.


Also! There are no limits to the amount of samples you can receive at a time — the only rule is you can't request multiple samples of the same product. So if you want to sample all the different RX bar flavors, you can totally do that, just don't sample the same flavor twice.

They even offer sample boxes that range between $6 to $20 and contain multiple products for you to try out. For instance, if you want to buy your favorite guy some nice grooming products, but you're not sure what he likes, get him the Luxury Men's Grooming Box for him to test out and tell you his favorites.