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If You're Always Running Late, Congrats! You're Actually More Successful

*Walks into class 15 minutes late*

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Listen up my perpetually late comrades, it's time for all the punctual folk out there to recognize that being late does not mean we are terrible people.


In fact, being late is actually a sign that we have our shit together! According to Business Insider, often times running late means you've been multitasking, a habit usually seen in highly successful people.


Showing up to events late can also mean that you have a more positive outlook on life. So take that negative Nancys, we're actually optimistic as fuck.


But wait, there's more! In a study conducted by Jeff Conte from San Diego State University, Conte found that running late is a habit associated with Type B personalities. Those who identify as Type B are often more creative and prefer looking at life as one big picture as opposed to getting bogged down by every tiny detail.

Type B personalities also perceive time differently than Type A people. Conte also found that Type A people felt a minute had gone by after 58 seconds where as Type B people felt that a minute went by after 77 seconds!

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So next time your friends chastise you for running 15 minutes late to an event, just shrug it off and remember that you're actually successful, optimistic, and all around fabulous.

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