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22 Posts That Will Make You Run Outside And Get A Tattoo Today

You get a tattoo, you get a tattoo, everybody gets a tattoo.

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1. For horror stories about some less-than-stellar tattoos.

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Including tales of drunken tattoo artists like:

"At a Memorial Day party about six years ago, a friend of mine got tattooed by a guy who was so drunk he forgot to use ink."

Submitted by jennywr3n

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7. For couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level with matching tattoos.

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Including everything from simple puns to the most intricate geometric designs.

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8. For anyone who's ready to hop on the geometric tattoo trend.

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Some are straight black ink, some are color, but rest assured they are all gorgeous.

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9. For tattoo bracelets that are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

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Never fear losing a bracelet in the ocean ever again.

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10. For anyone obsessed with a specific artist like Andy Warhol or Frida Kahlo.

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Why by a print of your favorite artwork when you can jut get it right on your skin?

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12. For anyone who wants freckles but wasn't born with them.

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Here's a semipermanent solution if you just have to have freckles on your face.

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14. And here are some tiny tattoos if that's more your speed.

Small tattoos with some big meanings:

"After my dad passed away, his birthday (10/23) has followed me. I look at the clock nearly daily at 10:23 and see it randomly on everything, from billboards to bingo cards. Now the number will follow me forever, like he will follow me forever. Done by JonBoy in NYC." —aluu121

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15. For any art history nerds who want to get some ink.

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These tattoos belong in a fucking museum.

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16. For anyone who wants to hop on the newest tattoo trend.

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Move over finger tattoos, helix tats are here and they're a minimalist's dream.

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19. And finally, you can never go wrong with a little henna if you can't commit to a full tattoo yet.

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Henna is far more than just a temporary infinity symbol you get on the boardwalk at the beach.

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