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    22 Posts That Will Make You Run Outside And Get A Tattoo Today

    You get a tattoo, you get a tattoo, everybody gets a tattoo.

    1. For horror stories about some less-than-stellar tattoos.

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    Including tales of drunken tattoo artists like:

    "At a Memorial Day party about six years ago, a friend of mine got tattooed by a guy who was so drunk he forgot to use ink."

    Submitted by jennywr3n

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    2. For bad news about those trendy finger tattoos everyone seems to be getting.

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    Turns out they won't last nearly as long as you'd like.

    Check out Bad News, Y'all: Those Trendy Finger Tattoos Don't Age Well for more.

    3. For a video that shows the difference between cheap and expensive tattoos.

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    Watch someone get three tattoos at different price points to see which price is worth the pain.

    Check out This Guy Got An $80 Tattoo, A $400 Tattoo, And An $875 Tattoo To See If It Was Worth It for more.

    4. For proof that tattoos have always been cool no matter what decade.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    These vintage photos show a side to tattooing you've never seen before.

    Check out 26 Badass Vintage Photos Of Tattoos From History for more.

    5. For people who want a tattoo to showcase their love for feminism.

    Like this badass quote tattoo:

    "As soon as I heard the words they resonated with me." —catip

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    6. For anyone who wants to have a permanent reminder of their favorite movie.

    Whether it's your favorite quote or a specific image, sometimes movies stick with you forever.

    "I have several movie tattoos, mainly from Star Wars, but somehow Carl and Ellie are my favourite." —evid

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    7. For couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level with matching tattoos.

    8. For anyone who's ready to hop on the geometric tattoo trend.

    9. For tattoo bracelets that are the perfect accessory for any outfit.

    10. For anyone obsessed with a specific artist like Andy Warhol or Frida Kahlo.

    11. For a less traditional tattoo placement.

    12. For anyone who wants freckles but wasn't born with them.

    13. For people who want a little more watercolor in their life.

    Plus tattoo back stories like this:

    "My tattoo is of the Kansas City skyline, and I got this just before a recent move across the country. These are the buildings that always remind me of home." —kyliewalkerc

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    14. And here are some tiny tattoos if that's more your speed.

    Small tattoos with some big meanings:

    "After my dad passed away, his birthday (10/23) has followed me. I look at the clock nearly daily at 10:23 and see it randomly on everything, from billboards to bingo cards. Now the number will follow me forever, like he will follow me forever. Done by JonBoy in NYC." —aluu121

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    15. For any art history nerds who want to get some ink.

    16. For anyone who wants to hop on the newest tattoo trend.

    17. And for anyone who might be on the fence about getting a color tattoo.

    Have no fear: Color is here and it looks fabulous.

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    18. How about something a little more temporary?

    A whimsical temporary tattoo might just be cute enough to convince you to get the real thing.

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    19. And finally, you can never go wrong with a little henna if you can't commit to a full tattoo yet.