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19 Incredibly Pure Things To Help You Get Through This Dumpster Fire Week

We can make it through this. Trust me.

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1. This dog who joined in on an exercise class and tried his best.

2. The friend we all want, but no one deserves.

3. These brave little ducklings who took a leap of faith to swim with their mom.


4. This dog who is ready to sweep you off your feet.

5. This man who proved that swag has no age restriction.

@cas_primos / Via

6. This man who gave walking the good old college try.

7. When Martha Stewart got a painting from Snoop Dogg, cementing them as #FriendshipGoals.

This is an original Snoop Dogg painting, and Snoop gave it to me as a gift! Very nice, don't you think?

8. This great advice for giving high fives.

@TwopTwips Cut bread into a hand shape so you get a high five when it pops up in the toaster.

9. This laundry basket full of puppies, which is the epitome of everything that's right in the world.

10. When Santa met his biggest fan.

My dogs favorite toy is Santa, so we brought her to see him

11. This cat who will turn your frown upside down.

Whenever I'm sad I text this girl to show me her cat

12. This adorable 105-year-old man meeting his great-grandson.

Facebook: video.php

13. This mom who just wants you to know she loves you.

http://@__v.bry__ / Via

14. This tiny surprise that comes with a whole lot of cute.

15. This dog who is too magical for words.

16. How we should treat every dog.

@will_ent / Via

17. This munchkin who already knows she's flawless.

Love this video! Yes little mama. Yes you are gorgeous.

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