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    Posted on Jan 13, 2018

    18 Tweets About Online Dating That Will Make Single People Laugh And Sob

    "The true treasure in online dating is realizing that you’re happy enough with yourself to... die alone."


    maybe in 2018 i’ll actually message my tinder matches instead of collecting them like pokemon cards

    @Ivanibr / Via Twitter: @Ivanibr


    Thanks Tinder.... been on this app for 3 years

    @realTylerButler / Via Twitter: @realTylerButler


    [First date] Me: “Is something bothering you, babe?” Her: “It’s nothing” Me: “No, I can tell something’s up” He…

    @WheelTod / Via Twitter: @WheelTod


    Grindr is great. you can say "looking for a host" and no one will ever know you are an alien parasite seeking a new vessel.

    @jpbrammer / Via Twitter: @jpbrammer


    Everyone on OK Cupid says they want a partner in crime but no one wants to help me push this vault off a cliff

    @rajandelman / Via Twitter: @rajandelman


    The true treasure in online dating is realizing that you’re happy enough with yourself to... die alone.

    @TabithaLipkin / Via Twitter: @TabithaLipkin


    Guy on grindr: Wyd? Me: Watching videos .. Guy on grindr: What kind of videos 😜😈😏 hehe Me:

    @realtowby / Via Twitter: @realtowby


    I'm about to start using LinkedIn as an online dating service. "I see you graduated in the top of your class and…

    @kaseykangaroo / Via Twitter: @kaseykangaroo


    been on bumble for 90 seconds tonight and i’ve seen the word “entrepreneur” 3 times

    @DarthLux / Via Twitter: @DarthLux


    When you change your picture on Grindr and men that ignored you start messaging you back.

    @isaac_sanchez / Via Twitter: @isaac_sanchez


    These days you have to join an online dating app to find out that people you already know "like" you.



    okcupid headquarters: “okay a lot of people are probably resolving to date more in the new year so it seems like…

    @annabroges / Via Twitter: @annabroges


    GTFO Tinder you want me to “super like” a stranger???? No. I don’t even regular like myself or most people I’ve met in real life

    @shutupmay / Via Twitter: @shutupmay


    This girl on tinder asked me what my sign was and I bullshitted her and told her I was a Libra and she was like “oh…

    @RUCKIN / Via Twitter: @RUCKlN


    "Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart." -…

    @Philip_Ellis / Via Twitter: @Philip_Ellis


    I matched with this girl on tinder and decided to reach out by asking her if she liked potatoes & if so what her fa…

    @supportcaleon / Via Twitter: @supportcaleon


    Tinder, but it matches you based on your favourite Vines.

    @TJWidger / Via Twitter: @TJWidger


    Annoyed that when OKCupid allows you to say that you’re “a little extra” they’re referring to body type. I’m just t…

    @sluttylinguist / Via Twitter: @sluttylinguist

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