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18 Christmas Boobs That Are The Actual Reason For The Season

Deck the boobs with boughs of holly.

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1. O holy night.

@keepingupwith_karisha / Via

2. The stars are brightly shining.

@dandydillinger / Via

3. It is the night of our dear savior's birth.

@thewisestgirlonearth / Via

4. Long lay the world.

@ashmmmac / Via

5. In sin and error pining.

@nicolenu5 / Via

6. Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth.

@livelikekelly / Via Instagram: @livelikekelly

7. A thrill of hope.

@lituniversity / Via

8. The weary world rejoices.

@randomactofkindnesss / Via

9. For yonder breaks.

@tiffany_carlo / Via

10. A new glorious morn.

11. Fall on your knees.

@lizziewestperformance / Via

12. O hear the angels' voices.

@tiffany_carlo / Via

13. O night divine.

14. O night.

15. When Christ was born.

16. O night divine.

17. O night.

18. O night divine.

@btozzz222 / Via Twitter: @search

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