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We Need To Take A Moment Of Silence For All Of The Thick-Thighed Men In The Olympics

The Winter Olympics, a time when countries from all over the world come together and gift us with an international buffet of thick-thighed goodness.

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1. Lou Moreira, US bobsledder / Via

Are those thighs allowed through TSA?

2. Axel Jungk, German skeleton racer

@axeljungk / Via

Who knew Axel actually invented jorts?


3. Steve Langton, US bobsledder

Isn't nature beautiful?

4. Pita Taufatofua, Tongan skier / Via

I'm both hot and cold looking at him.

5. Hayden Smith, Australian Bobsleder

@haydentsmith / Via

Thick thighs save lives.

6. Patrick Mcmillan, Irish skier

@patrickmcmillanski / Via

How is this even possible?

7. Hakeem Abdul-Saboor, US bobsledder

@has_fitness / Via Instagram: @has_fitness

Let those babies breathe.


8. Matt Antoine and John Daly, US skeleton racers

@johndalyusa / Via

How do I turn duo into a trio?

9. Joel Fearon, British bobsledder

Instagram: @joelfearon6

Hot damn.

10. Patrick Rastner, Italian luger

@rastner / Via

Thighs and calves FOR DAYS.

11. Martin Fourcade, French biathlete

Instagram: @martinfourcade

Nothing like watching thighs in action.

12. Toby Olubi, British bobsledder

Instagram: @tobyolubi

Can I have him for my birthday?


13. Gus Kenworthy, US skier

@guskenworthy / Via

No, I'm not okay. Thanks for asking!

14. Neville Wright, Canadian bobsledder

@nwright021 / Via Instagram: @nwright021


15. Ståle Sandbech, Norwegian snowboarder

@stalesandbech / Via Instagram: @stalesandbech

The horizon really does look gorgeous from this view.

16. Alex Hanssen, Norwegian skeleton racer

@alhanssen / Via

Everything is fine.

17. Tristan Walker, Canadian luger

Instagram: @tristanluge

I'm going to bed.


Pita Taufatofua is an olympic skier from Tonga, this post previously mislabeled him as Australian.