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15 Times Avocados Went Way Too Far And Almost Became Inedible

Sometimes less is more, and that's okay. H/T Guac Lock.

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1. How is this supposed to be eaten? Do I use a fork and knife or...?

2. I mean, sure. That's definitely one way to eat avocado.

3. Anyone else just a little uncomfortable right now?

Instagram: @thedelicious

4. That's like $50 worth of avocado in one photo.

6. I'm no expert, but this doesn't seem incredibly practical.

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7. I think I could eat a full breakfast twice in the time it takes to make this toast.

Instagram: @guaclock

8. I wish I had the free time for this, honestly.

9. Don't you dare stand in front of me and call these fries.

Instagram: @guaclock

10. Seriously someone please tell me how to properly eat this.

11. So much is happening here that I don't know where to begin.

Instagram: @guaclock

12. This would take me three hours to make, for sure.