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15 Of The Most Disrespectful Things That People Have Done To Avocados

Avocados weren't created to be treated like this.

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6. When someone decided this was the proper way to eat an avocado.

Eaten my avocado like an apple n now I feel incredibly guilty

7. When someone's dad peeled his avocado like an apple and disrespected his entire family.

I am deadass PISSED my dad peeled this avocado like he was peeling an apple @BuzzFeed help

8. When someone bit into an avocado the way you bite into corn on the cob.

An Avocado a day keeps the doctor away! I eat it like an Apple.


9. The time someone was in a rush and thought this was the best way to eat their avocado in a hurry.

I'm eating an avocado like an apple because I'm in a hurry oh my GOD

10. And that time someone took a full bite out of an avocado, skin and all.

@awk_girl_kels bit into this avocado like an apple.

11. When someone thought the top down approach was a practical way to devour their avocado.

New travel food. Eating an avocado like an apple (1)

12. And when someone made their avocado practically unrecognizable.

Stuck in traffic, finished off a bag of soy nuts & eating an avocado like an apple #noturningbacknow #iamsocalifornia


13. That time when someone confused their avocado with a soft boiled egg.

I literally just walked in on my sister eating an avocado like this someone call the police

14. And when a child cut off the top of an avocado only to dig out the green goodness with their fingers.

When you walk into your kid eating an avocado like this.... For the love of all things avaocado what have you done?!

15. And finally, when someone chucked a perfectly fine avocado right into the toilet.

today I got kicked out of spanish for eating an avocado so the only reasonable response was this