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Which Fallocaust's Character Are You?

Find out which of the main characters of Quil Carter's book series you resemble the most

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  1. What is your favorite color?

    Light Blue
    Dark Blue
    Neon colors!
    I don’t have a particular one, I mostly like soft colors
    I have more than one favorite color
    Colors that suit me fine
    I don’t care about colors
  2. Family

    They are everything. I couldn’t have survived in this world without them
    They are my biggest pride and joy
    They are the only people I can trust
    I love them, but sometimes I’m scared or intimidated by them
    They are not perfect, but they make me feel loved and part of something
    They make me feel safe and cared for
    Sometimes, I get into arguments with my relatives, but if anyone dares to hurt any of them, I would not hesitate to protect and fight for them
    They are the people I love the most; I can’t live without them
    I would protect them with my life if it were necessary
    They are loud and have defects, but I certainly love them
    Sometimes I don’t feel part of them
  3. What do you think about team work?

    I’m used to it, I hardly do anything alone
    It’s okay provided I’m close to the other team members, otherwise I prefer going it alone
    It’s the best way to prove my leadership abilities, so I like it
    I seldom trust anyone with my duties; I don’t think they can manage things as well as me
    It makes me feel useful and productive, so I love it!
    I hate it, I can do anything by myself and people are too stupid to be trusted
    I’m not used to it, but if I have to, I work in a team rather well, I just need instructions to follow
    It makes me feel nervous and self-conscious, I can’t be a good leader and I’m scared of making mistakes
    I need to be part of a team; it’s the way I am. I usually obey the leader’s orders without hesitation
    At first it was kind of intimidating, but now I see it as a good opportunity to prove my worth and for my ideas to be heard
    I rather do things by myself, so it is really annoying, but I will join others to achieve something. Just one rule: Don’t boss me around
  4. Being in love

    It’s not as cute as people think; sometimes it gives you more sorrow than happiness
    It’s beautiful; it means giving all of yourself with passion
    It is a feeling of completeness. Warmth that covers your body and a savage protectiveness toward the one who has taken your heart
    Once you fall, you can’t stop it or prevent it, even if you want to and even if it means it will change your life
    It’s what I need the most
    It's the most wonderful yet the most terrifying feeling. You're no longer one person, but the half of a couple, and because of that, you lose a lot of control
    It is what I live for. My life wouldn’t be worthy without my partner
    It’s awesome, you are content all the time and have someone to be with you, someone you can trust and dote on
    It's a hell of a lot of work, but now you're not alone. You have someone you can depend on, someone to protect and be protected by forever
    It’s a happy time, where you're just floating around in bliss and the birds are singing and everything is great
    Can be debilitating and cause you to make many mistakes, but it’s a good mistake
  5. Politics

    I’m used to be in a political environment, it’s easy for me to move on it
    I don’t know anything about politics, sorry
    Politics are for people who are better prepared, I can’t see myself involved in them
    I used to despise politics, but now I understand how important it is
    It is fucking boring
    I was born to be a good politician and a great leader
    I don’t particularly like it, but I understand how the world can be without good political leadership
    Politics ignore what people truly need; it’s just empty words
    I’ve grown up around it because of my family, but I totally hate it
    I got better things to do with my time than getting involved in political shit
    I don’t care about it
  6. Are you a jealous lover?

    I am, so what?
    If I feel jealousy I don’t do anything, unless it passes my threshold; when this happens there’ll be blood
    I’m not. I have allowed my partner to fuck whoever he/she wants, as long as I’m his/her life companion
    Being jealous means you are an insecure person, I’m above that
    I don’t see myself as jealous; my previous partners haven’t called me that either
    I’m quite possessive and jealous and I have gotten in trouble for it
    My partner wishes I were jealous. I trust my partner and I know our bond is strong, so I never worry
    I am not jealous, but I get upset when my partner shows a behavior I didn’t expect of him/her regarding someone else
    I joke every time someone flirts with my partner; I know he/she is not a cheater so being jealous is impossible for me
    I have some self-esteem issues so I am jealous, I need to change that though
    I am. I worried about my partner leaving me so I pay attention to any possible threat
  7. What do you do in your spare time?

    I don’t have spare time
    I read
    I do some art
    I have sex, hell yeah
    I clean and do house stuff
    I sleep
    Play videogames!
    I watch movies, all kind of them heh
    I enjoy my vice
    I do some research or watch something educational
    I do whatever kills my boredom
  8. Perfect place for a date

    Somewhere high, where we can contemplate the landscape while we love each other
    A bar or somewhere with lot of activity and people
    At home, playing videogames and enjoying each other
    Anywhere, as long as I’m with my partner and she/he is happy
    A quiet place where we can talk and get cozy
    Somewhere where we can appreciate art or feel inspired
    As long there are no people around I’m fine with any place
    A place when we can be free to be ourselves
    A romantic movie like place where we can express our love without being disrupted
    A sports event or a place where we can release adrenaline!
    I love to watch a movie with my lover while we cuddle at home
  9. Friends

    I used to have lot of close friends, but not anymore, life made damn sure of it
    I'm a loner, always have been. Just have one true friend
    I love making friends, they help me not to feel lonely
    My true friends are the members of my family, they are the ones I can fully trust
    I'm not a social person at all, I don't need friends
    It's easy for me to make friends, I'm a fun person to be around
    Friendship is really important. I should have more friends but my life is not easy
    True friendship is a rare gem and one must polish it through time. I have few friends, but they are the most loyal
    I love being around people, I have tons of friends
    Even though I'm a social figure my friend are few people who truly know and accept me
    I used to have lot of friends, but now I'm picky when it comes to trusting someone
  10. Way of killing

    After I mentally destroyed my enemy, I’d give him/her a gun to shot themselves
    Something fast and painless, I don’t enjoy torturing
    Bite the bastard to death!
    Give me a machine gun and let the sweet blood splatters
    I’d beat the bastard to death, breaking their bones one by one, I love them screaming
    I’d use whatever I can get my hands on to save my life, otherwise I don’t think I’d kill someone in cold blood
    A deathly game, it’s amusing seeing the hope in their eyes before they die irredeemably
    I’d avoid killing, but if it comes to it, I’ll use my good old handgun
    Depends of my mood, I would shot them in the head or rip his intestines out with my bare hands
    I’d feed them to my beloved pets, that way they can make something useful out of their lives
    Burn, baby, burn!

Which Fallocaust's Character Are You?

You got: Reno Nevada

You are Reno Nevada, the loyal sidekick. You are a person who loves to be around your beloved ones and always has a joke to make. You feel the happiest when those around you are happy and feel responsible for your friends’ well being. Due to your easy going nature, you make friends easily, but you choose not to share your problems with everybody, just the closest ones. Few things scare you. You grew up in a place where death is a recurring reality, so you tend to be brave and resilient, usually looking for a way of solving problems instead of crying for them. You are emotional and don’t feel ashamed for it; you enjoy being yourself and people love you for that. However, showing a rather relaxed attitude, you hide your deep, self-esteem issues, and the very fact that you can’t stand silence or being alone speaks of your emotionally dependence on others. Being raised in a large family, you got used to not being the center of attention, so when that happens you feel overly satisfied and look for situations where people acknowledge you. Although you are fun, charismatic, good looking and optimistic, you have trouble finding a long term partner and that makes you feel insecure and self-conscious about your worth. You see love as a happy, Disney movie and the real world circumstances may get the best of you if you don’t believe how powerful and capable you can be.

Reno Nevada
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You got: Killian Massey

You are Killian Massey, the good hearted boy of Aras. You are a very sensitive person. You might stand out because you show your emotions and your true self almost always. Your nature and the fact that you were raised with strong values leads you seek the best in people; this has gained you loyal friends and heinous haters. You enjoy quiet environments when you can read or play the guitar. You are not the most sociable person, as you tend to be shy, but in a normal setting you are polite and courteous. You are also a hard worker, creative and organized. You love cleanliness and order and that applies to your house and your relationships as you despise lies or ambiguous intentions. Nevertheless, you have low self-esteem and see yourself as a weak person. These thoughts lead you to feel depressed easily and to desperately seek reassurance and protection from your lover, sometimes even being jealous or insecure about your place within the relationship. However, the moment you get your confidence you are an unstoppable being, achieving things you didn’t even imagine.

Killian Massey
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You got: Reaver Merrik

You are Reaver Merrik, the dark hero of the Greywastes. You are a loner by nature and don’t mind letting the world know it. You are fearless, but rarely get into others’ problems as you have understood one must take responsibility for every action. You are fiercely loyal to those you consider friends and protective of your loved ones. However, you have always struggled with being able to show love outwardly, as you are more stoic and cold. Also, when you feel like others are judging you or that they don't like you, you'll give them a reason to hate you just to make yourself feel better. You rarely contemplate why you are the way you are, you just go with it and do whatever you feel like doing. You love video games, comics, staying at home, silence and spending the night inside with drugs and television. You usually distrust people so it’s hard for you to make new friends or to date someone, but once people gain your trust you won’t ever let them down. Those around you witness you have a dark sense of humor and are definitely not easily disturbed, in fact, you can disturb a good number of humans. Your stance is always on-guard and, even if you don’t admit it, you can be a great political leader. Some people are even stupid enough to think that you are as merciful a leader as your father.

Reaver Merrik
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You got: Silas Dekker

You are Silas Dekker, the king of the new world. You are the eternal sovereign of Skyfall. You have learned to masquerade your true self and created many personas that change unforeseen so it's difficult for people to know you well. You have had torturous experiences that have affected you deeply. You have many mental scars and are scared of feeling vulnerable or without control, so you are a rather imposing person. However, people love you because you can be the kindest and most protecting of all. You dedicate a huge part of your time to your loved ones and always try to potentiate their abilities. As a good leader, you value hard work and patience, but sometimes that leadership role can be a burden on your shoulders as you don't allow yourself to have any flaw. This is due to your self-esteem issues and the inability to forgive your past decisions. Romantic love is a multi-headed dragon for you, as it implies a great change in your life because you have gotten used to functioning without it, but at the same time, you desperately want a partner, you feel lonely and despise being attractive on a great level, you haven't found a person that fulfills your needs and are losing hope of doing so.

Silas Dekker
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You got: Elish Dekker

You are Elish Dekker, the cold prince of Skyfall. Few people know you well, as you present yourself as a hard-to-decipher person. You carry yourself with dignity and grace and as an important player in the political and public life, you are self-confident about your place and don’t waste an opportunity to let people know your abilities as a good leader. Although you show yourself as a perfect prince, you recognize your flaws, but won’t ever show others the self-deprecating or insecure parts of your personality. You have sworn never to give others a chance to humiliate or abuse you, since you suffered those quite a lot in your upbringing. The fear of being seen as weak has lead you to ignore every negative emotion, underestimating the burden this causes on your mind, and displaying as rather cold, cruel and a person who rarely, if ever, shows emotions. As the elder of the princes, you are very wise and are not against advising your family members in their darker moments, becoming a rock for some of them. But one must be naïve to think you don’t have an ulterior motive most of the time when you help a brother, as you are securing their loyalty for the wars to come. And it’s definitely a war that you want. You have understood that revolution comes with spilled blood, not beautiful words, and in order to get to the place you believe you deserve, you are willing to spill the necessary blood and tears. When it comes to people you love, you are equally possessive and protective; you are willing to fight with everything you have for your beloved ones and expect them to be close to you all the time, both emotionally and physically. You enjoy quiet environments and silence, you have simple pleasures and don’t waste time or energy on fighting, preferring sit in wait, drinking tea and carefully planning your next move.

Elish Dekker
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You got: Jade Dekker

You are Jade Dekker, the untamable slave of Moros. You are a rebel by nature, you have a hard time when injustice happens and won't waste an opportunity to give people a piece of your mind. Although you are pretty good on your own, your fast learning skills make you a versatile person who can work on different contexts without major problems. However, sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and this can be your greatest flaw. Due to your rough upbringing, you are not easily disturbed, but tend to get offended rather quickly. You can harbor negative feelings for quite a long time and are unforgiving. On the other hand, you love passionately and don't mind showing how strong your bond is with your lover. You can be considered a love addict, as your dependency on your life companion can reach high levels, often causing heated arguments when she/he doesn’t provide the reassurance you need. In the same fashion, people respect you for the braveness you show when it comes to fighting for those you love. You have few friends, but that's not because you are socially inept, but because you are picky on who deserves your trust.

Jade Dekker
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You got: Perish Dekker

You are Perish Dekker, the chimera who fell from grace. Your current position is not the best, and you regret that. You are often worried about what you can do to make a better life and work hard for it. However, as a result of your past abuse you have huge emotional scars and a deep feeling of hopelessness. You can’t help showing nervousness around people, as you feel self-conscious and are easily upset, but are quite affectionate, loving, protective and attentive. You love to serve and are happy when others recognize that trait as a good one. Although you are brilliant and have achieved great things in your life, you see yourself as a lower being; you are not proud of this feeling, though, and you try to fight those negative thoughts almost every day. When it comes to love, you are kind of starved. You have been alone for a long time and that lead you to appreciate and treasure any expression of love. However, your tendencies of being overly affectionate and possessive can get you in arguments with your loved ones. Due to your insecurities, you pay extreme attention to what your partner thinks or does and need to feel in control of the situation, eradicating any possible threats for the relationship and displaying a jealous attitude.

Perish Dekker
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You got: Nero Dekker

You are Nero Dekker, the ruthless gladiator of the realm. You are a sexy person and you know it. You are a very cheerful, happy-go-lucky and adventurous being. It is impossible for you to be unnoticed as you have a strong and imposing presence. People look up to you as you have demonstrated your value on more than one occasion. Though you can be odious and ruthless with people you don’t know, toward your family, who you dearly love, you are sweet, charismatic and protective. You are always willing to spend time with your loved ones as you hate being alone. Also, you are a very active person and can’t stand being quiet or stationary for long periods of time. Due to your cheerful nature, you tend to be loud and prefer people with good sense of humor. You love sex and you are not ashamed of letting people know that. People admire that you are rather bold about your sexual life and accept them the way they are, with no prejudices or discrimination whatsoever. Your love life has been tragic, though, and you harbor a deep, incredible sadness and hatred, one that has consumed most of your good behavior and has left you with feelings of hopelessness and rage.

Nero Dekker
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You got: Sanguine Dekker

You are Sanguine Dekker, the mysterious servant prince. You can be very mood changing; one day you might be shy and introverted and the other cheerful and charismatic. You are quiet by nature and hate large crowds or in general being around people. Being shy by nature, you suffer from low self-esteem at times, which has created self-conscious thoughts and an extremely humble disposition. Nonetheless, you are perfectly capable of hiding and controlling your emotions and you rather share your feelings with a close friend or relative in a private place. You love passionately and are willing to sacrifice yourself for others’ sake, a trait that is both admired and hated by your closest relatives. Being in love to you is a feeling of completeness and wholeness. Warmth that covers your body and a savage protectiveness toward the one who has taken your heart. You are loyal and faithful and the owner of your heart will always know his/her importance. You will never let them forget. However, you also have an insecurity streak and fear of abandonment steaming from your youth, so your lover needs to be gentle and kind. You are a loved and respected member of your family as they know they can count on you to be always supportive and to tell them the truth when they need it. Moreover, speaking about conflicts, you prefer to be in shadows while others are fighting their ridiculous battles; you think they can’t see how beautiful life can be and how strong a family can be when working together.

Sanguine Dekker
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You got: Jack Dekker

You are Jack Dekker, the tranquil prince. You present yourself as calm and collected person, often being admired for your opportune words and wise demeanor. You are a gifted artist and can appreciate beauty in every situation, even the most gruesome ones. You see the world as an infinite source for inspiration so, you tend to detach yourself for most of the intense situations and adopt a viewer perspective. You are quiet, reserved, and prefer only the company of your closest relatives. You don’t show love constantly and people might misunderstand you as a cold and cruel person, but in fact, you don’t see the need of being touchy and overly sentimental. You hate to be involved in people’s drama and you avoid it at any cost, even getting to a point where isolating you’re your family is the only option. You live a Zen life and have overcome your insecurity and flaws through meditation and exercises that help you control your emotions. However, you love and hate passionately, so when it comes to it, you hardly meditate about your options and just do what your instincts tell you. This has gotten you in trouble, as you tend to break the rules, but you don’t care about the consequences as the well being of your loved ones is more important, also you don’t mind asking forgiveness after.

Jack Dekker
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You got: Garrett Dekker

You are Garrett Dekker, the friendly president of Skytech. You are kind-hearted, gentle, and compassionate. You lack violent tendencies and prefer to subdue any conflict between your loved ones. However, when pushed too far, you’ll show a dark side no one wants to see. You love to work; you feel useful when you achieve little goals and always look for challenges. Besides, you trust your abilities and those around you trust your decisions as you seek everybody’s well-being. Not only are you a good leader, but also sharing your knowledge and teachings is easy for you. Although successful in business, your love life is quite messy. You are full of love and you are willing to be happy forever with someone, but that someone hasn’t appeared yet. You have had many failures in the past and that has affected your confidence when it comes to believing you are a worthy partner. On the other side, your emotions can get the best of you. You are a very sensitive person, and that can secure the love of your relatives, but also harsh criticism from people who see it as a weak spot. You love to live and are not ashamed to show the world your smile at every time, even at those times when you are sad and depressed.

Garrett Dekker
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