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Wild Living Food's Cold Pressed Juices Are For The Culture

Love cayenne as much as Kanye loves Kanye

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"Live dirty, eat clean." At Wild Living Foods it's more than a motto, it's a lifestyle. The “Neo-Pueblo” inspired plant-based restaurant in DTLA’s Fashion District is home to an eclectic menu that includes warm kelp noodle pasta, raw vegan nachos, quinoa bowls and signature seasonal salads with medicinal herb blends. They also boast a revitalizing remedy bar offering everything from activated smoothies and tonics to medicinal shots and elixirs.

DeJanae Evins

Their “Food Is Spirit” philosophy is easy to digest because they've crafted a culture around their theory. Staying true to their goal of "educating others about the power of clean food and its healing qualities," they make sure their cold-pressed juices are packed with nutrients and cleverly punned.

Wild Living Foods
DeJanae Evins
DeJanae Evins
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