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Five Important Things To Take When Going On A Family Trip

They might not be the top five or best five, but there five important things that any person would need to take on a trip.

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This probably the first thing on everybody list. You should take these items because what if someone get lost or need to call someone for help or an emergency happen. It can be even deeper what if some stranger take you and you don't know where you at or your location, I mean you are on a road trip you're visiting not like you know the place like back of your hand, you will have an tracker to alert family members and higher people that protects and serves to find you before anything else happens that worse than taking you. The tracker can be as simple as a ring, bracelet, earrings, hairclip, anything, something you wear everyday and that you can alternate with your choice of style. I mean so much going on in this world today, I would want my family to know my location at all time, especially on a FAMILY TRIP.


Another common thing that people should take on their trip is extra money, cash , or card. You always need extra take more than you plan to take or save up. You can always stash more in your sock or in a hidden pocket somewhere on you or your clothes. What if some extreme comes up, refers back to number 1, what if a stranger empty your pockets . Or what if you want to buy extra stuff that you didn't plan to buy, everyone like extra. We all know that one person who will go in the store and know they don't have money to spend or they just want to spend unnecessary money but do so anyway, so why not take extra cash so you wouldn't have to worry about interfering with your other plans that requires the money that you brought for the trip.


I bet you wondering why family is listed as one of the important things to take on a family trip. It need to be listed because family members forget family all the time , they be so excited that they forget its called FAMILY TRIP for a reason and not a personal vacation. Don't forget to include family when going on a FAMILY TRIP. And let not forget when we get on the trip, family members be wanting to split up as if they know the place or something. So always remember FAMILY.


We all need some to protect ourselves, when you start getting out of range from your hometown. Some of you maybe wondering why its not with number 1 because it shouldn't be , because if the things in number 1 don't help you you always got extra on you or a backup plan. I know what I'm talking about now ,yall better see me out, ha funny right you can't actually see me but you can't hear me either so that s why I didn't say hear at least you can see what I'm saying. Also always have snacks stash away in your pockets , so you wouldn't have to spend more money going into these seven eleven stores buying high prices snacks, and getting side tracked from being with family remember because it is a FAMILY TRIP and you want to keep up with them, so you won't have to pull out your tracker that you should have on you at all times.


Finally, always take your common sense with you when going on a trip. Crazy right but its really needed. FAMILY TRIP with family in my opinion means unity togetherness, you should do things as a family and not as an individual, so don't go on a trip thinking you going here and everybody else want to go there. We all got that one family member that sticks out like a sore thumb and want to act like they know everything because they did a little research on google and want to do everything different from what the plan was . Have the common sense to do things as a FAMILY, no one will get lost, no extra money been spent on snacks because you going to eat together as a one. If everyone take there common sense when going on a trip , then you shouldn't have no problems enjoying the trip the fullest. That's the reason why people take FAMILY TRIPS to spend time with each other and have memories to share once older.

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