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    • deidree

      What got me was seeing so many replies from caucasians, complaining about how African Americans can just toss the world around amongst themselves, or they have their own entertainment channel, or an entire association dedicated to advancing them, yet white people can’t do any of that without someone screaming “racism”.  Ya wanna know why white people don’t have any of that stuff “officially”? Because they oppressed people of color for years with that word. It’s derogatory and outdated, plain and simple. All mass entertainment in America is white; turn on any channel, and you’d be hard-pressed to findapositive representation ofarace other than white. The biggest association of white people is Congress; the lawmakers and representation in this country is old, white, and male. America doesn’t need to have any “official” white organizations; it’s one big, fluffy advertisement for white people, yet many of them are the ones that complain the loudest at any other color advancing themselves toaposition of recognition.  Firing Paula Dean brought out some really ugly sides of white Americans, andIfound myself almost ashamed to beawhite individual, reading all the crap on Facebook. The lack of education and awareness for race relations in this country is astounding..

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