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  • Post-Apocalyptic People To Kill

    Come the chaos of the apocalypse, people are going to die. Maybe en masse. Maybe slowly, but surely. Maybe by accidents. But definitely by murder. And that’s okay. Every so often we’ll need to kill some fool who just refuses to act right or find their way to our good side. Congrats, Fool. You’re going to be an example; your life officially has meaning.

  • Parasite Turns Wasps Into Outsider Zombie Queens

    Infected P. dominulus — better known as common European paper wasps — reject their genetically preordained roles, abandon their hives and embark on a long, macabre journey during which a few live for a time as queens, albeit murderous queens.

  • Post Apocalyptic Childbirth

    Congratulations! You’ve gotten through the nine (ten) months of pregnancy! By now, your back is constantly sore, you have cankles, you can’t see your feet, and you spend 23.5 hours a day in the bathroom/outhouse because Junior’s favorite hobby is playing football with your bladder. And then…you get these horrible (and horrifying) cramps that make you think your insides are being ripped apart by a hungry T-Rex with extra-sharp claws and teeth. You know what this means, right? Yep, labor. And that means your baby is about to arrive. It’s time to prepare for the delivery, because Junior could make his or her appearance in five minutes. Or he/she could wait thirty-six hours. I don’t know; it’s hard to tell. But it’s best to be prepared.

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