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12 Nervous Habits You Will Relate To If You Suffer From Anxiety

Okay, everyone has nervous habits, not just those of us who suffer from anxiety - but if you have an anxiety disorder, you may carry out a number of these habits on a daily basis and they may interfere with your health and other aspects of your life. Here are some of the most common and self-destructive nervous habits that you may relate to if you have anxiety:

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1. Nail biting - one of the most common nervous habits

2. Picking your scalp until it bleeds; and when the wound turns into a scab, you just pick the scab off and the whole pattern starts again

3. Picking or biting the skin around your nails/cleaning out dirt from under your nails

4. Staring intently at the ends of your hair as if they contain a cryptic hidden message and/or picking the split ends of your hair

5. Twirling your hair until it gets all knotty and people start asking if you're just desperate for a curling iron this Christmas

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6. Biting or pulling dead skin off lips

7. Compulsive skin picking/scratching, or constantly checking skin on face, hands, etc (I sometimes get fixated with looking at the moles on my arms)


8. Apologising profusely to the point where everyone around you wants to kill you

9. Teeth clenching and/or grinding

10. Scraping plaque off your teeth with your fingernails (I know it's gross, but I still find myself doing this)


11. Talking way too fast when you're nervous or under pressure

12. Spending more time on tasks than needed because your anxiety tells you that making a small mistake would be catastrophic

13. ONE MORE THING - if you are an anxiety sufferer and/or you have an anxiety disorder, remember that there are people out there who know what you're going through, including myself, and there is always help available. You don't have to go through it alone.

Some useful websites include: *,,

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