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7 “Japanese Food” That Do Not Exist In Japan

This list will make you question if you have really eaten Japanese food at all.

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California Roll

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That's right, this eponymous sushi roll was invented in California for the American market and is typically not found in sushi restaurants in Japan. Give me a Ca…normal sushi roll please!

FYI: The same goes for Dragon roll, Philadelphia roll and any sushi roll that is fried or includes cheese, fruit and tempura.

Crab sushi

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The "crab" that you are being served is actually what the Japanese call "kani-kama" (crab stick) which is made out of fish paste rather than real crab. You will find them used in salads and NEVER as a sushi item.

Sake bomb

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Unfortunately, putting two Japanese things does not make one Japanese thing.

Warning: As appealing as DIY sake bombs are, laying your chopsticks on a beer glass is taboo in Japan.

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