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The 25 Stages Of Having A Snow Day In College

Welcome to the shining glory that is the Snow Day.

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1. Wake up and notice it's snowing awfully hard.

2. You can't possibly be expected to attend class in this, right? RIGHT?!


It's practically a blizzard.

3. Start contemplating all the ways going to class would surely lead to your demise.

Walt Disney / Via

The snow will probably most definitely bury you alive.

4. Reluctantly start getting ready for your day.

Potter Puppet Pals / Via

While still hoping that you'll soon be able to return to your bed's glorious arms.

5. Then you see it — a Facebook status joyously announcing that the elusive snow day has arrived.


What if it's too good to be true?

6. *Furiously scroll through your News Feed until you find confirmation from a second source*

7. Rejoice!

DreamWorks / Via

Join the Facebook party by posting your own completely unique "WOO SNOW DAY!!!" status.

8. Snapchat all your friends at schools with warm weather.

Touchstone / Via

Make them jealous of your snow day.

9. The excitement fades when you remember how long your to-do list is.

Screen Gems / Via

10. Vow to spend the day catching up on schoolwork.

NBC / Via

Read ALL the readings! OK, at least one of them.

11. An hour later, find yourself browsing your best friend's new girlfriend's sister's ex-boyfriend's Facebook profile.

Jenna Marbles / Via

Or stuck in the depths of a Wikipedia article about chess-related deaths.

12. Think about how it's the perfect day to curl up with hot chocolate and a good book.

Cartoon Network / Via

Then complain about how there's no hot chocolate in your kitchen full of peanut butter, bread, and nothing else whatsoever.

13. Briefly entertain the idea of catching up on emails.

Fox / Via

But then you figure it's pointless since everyone has off for the day anyway.

14. Binge-watch Netflix instead.

CBS / Via


15. Wonder if you're too old to play in the snow.

New Line Cinema / Via

No, you are never too old.

16. Throw on every remotely warm article of clothing you own in preparation for snow frolicking.

BBC / Via

Your gloves have mysteriously disappeared. Whatever, you'll be fine without them.

17. Have a quick drink so the alcohol blanket protects you from the cold.


This makes up for the lack of gloves.

18. Fall on your face as soon as you step outside since you don't have appropriate footwear.

Walt Disney / Via

Uggs are not for snow.

19. Instagram the obligatory photo of a snowy, beautiful campus.

20. Pride yourself on being the first person to stomp around on a patch of freshly fallen, untouched snow.

Walt Disney / Via

Make a snow angel because that's what you're supposed to do.

21. Create a makeshift sled using the top lid of your under-the-bed storage box.


Slide down the biggest hill within walking distance of your dorm.

22. Continue rolling around until you can't feel your extremities anymore.

Focus / Via

And you're certain you have frostbite and your little toe will have to be amputated.

23. Return home exhausted and have another drink to warm up.

24. Realize you wasted the entire day doing absolutely nothing productive.

MTV / Via

Oh well, it was worth it.

25. Desperately wish that tomorrow will be another snow day.

BBC / Via

Sorry, friends. It's probably not gonna happen.

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