19 Things That Will Make You Feel Better Immediately

    The world is actually a really great place.

    1. There is basically an unlimited number of ways you can eat ice cream.

    2. And pizza.

    3. And French fries.

    4. We live in a world full of puppies.

    5. Sweet, adorable, sleepy little puppies.

    6. Also: kittens.

    7. And baby animals of all kinds, actually.

    8. Including humans!

    9. There are laughs just waiting for you, right there on your television.

    10. And in the library.

    11. And on Internet websites!

    12. You are a very special, one-of-a-kind firework.

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    Katy Perry knows what's up.

    13. And sure, it might take some time, but everything will be just FINE.

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    14. Don't forget: Your friends love you.

    15. Your family loves you.

    16. And everyone screws up sometimes.

    17. But that's why there's pizza.

    18. And music.

    19. And PUPPIES.