14 Mysteries From Chipotle's Hulu Series Solved

    Watch out for the truth bombs.

    Chipotle's new satirical series about factory farming premiered Monday on Hulu.

    With its humorous new show, Chipotle hopes to air the industrial food industry's dirty laundry and start a conversation about where our food comes from. But before you end up in that conversation, let's review which punchlines are closest to the truth.

    1. Do industrial farms really feed oil to cows? NO.

    2. Are cows really exploding from eating oil? NO.

    3. Are Middle Eastern oil barons really profiting from the U.S. farming system? YES.

    4. Does livestock really "consume more than half the crops we grow in America"? YES.

    5. Is there an "Industrial Food Image Bureau"? BASICALLY.

    6. Is it true that "dairy cows don't 'need' sunlight"? YES.

    7. Are small farms in the U.S. really at risk? YES.

    8. Are "industrial farms subsidized by the government"? BIG TIME.

    9. Are "more antibiotics given to livestock than to sick people"? NO DOUBT.

    10. Are "people dying from eating contaminated meat"? YES.

    11. Does it really take 25 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce a single calorie of meat? PRETTY MUCH.

    12. Is our livestock really genetically modified? NO.

    13. Does the public have a "right to know" how their food is raised? SHOULDN'T THAT BE UP TO YOU?

    14. Does a raw food diet really "loosen you up"? ABSO-POOPLEY-DOOPLEY.