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19 Reasons Garlic Is The Food Of The Gods

Food, clothing, and garlic. These are the necessities of life.

1. Garlic isn't just about taste: It's a belief system.

2. It doesn't matter what you're making, you're going to add twice the garlic the recipe calls for.

3. TBH, you'll find a way to add garlic even when you're not the one cooking.

4. You don't understand why people think of "garlic breath" as a bad thing.

5. You secretly love it when, after chopping garlic, your fingers smell like it all day.

6. When people complain that there’s too much garlic in something you look at them like they’re crazy...

7. ...because you literally can’t even taste it. It needs three times as much.

8. And while you don't understand what's happening in this picture, you know that the relationship is OVER.

9. What some people see as a spice, you see as wall decor,

10. Or jewelry.

11. Every holiday is a garlic opportunity.

Especially Halloween.

12. Whatever's going on in your life, there is always one sure way to comfort yourself: CHEESY GARLIC BREAD.

13. ...or garlic pull-apart bread...

14. ...or garlic knots.


16. Even this 30-Clove Garlic Soup looks delicious.

17. And don't even get me started on creamy, garlicky pasta.

18. I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

19. Oh, right.