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DNC 2013: Credentials We Can Believe In

Why you shouldn't bet the farm to attend the 57th Presidential Inauguration

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DNC 2013: Credentials We Can Believe In

Deena Jones

Last night, Andrew Kaczynski sniffed out the fuckery known as "DNC 2013" aka President Barack Obama's second inauguration. An interesting handful of folks, some volunteers, general BO fans and a small portion of distant PIC staff, got email links to Ticketmaster. These emails, from Juianna Smoot and Marlon Marshall (depending on your tier ranking in OFA hierarchy) lead folks to a dead end link to purchase "tickets."

A few hours later, the clean up began with a somber email from David Cusack bringing you back to earth with a reminder that "A limited number of Inaugural Ball tickets will also be available, however those tickets are not guaranteed and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis." Hmph. Muggles.

Here's why you should give up your hopes of getting to see POTUS unless you're already within a 300 mile radius of Washington DC:

We call it DNC 2013 for a reason, and that aint what you want out of life.

In 2012, Obama's campaign staff teamed up with team DNC in Charlotte and made the heartbreaking decision to cancel what would have been a historic outdoor speech at Panther Stadium. Working together, the DNC convention folks and Organizing for America distributed close to 300,000 tickets for North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia volunteers. The process, which took a series of eight days, concluded in vain. During the final day of distribution, the very last line of about 80 Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents were turned away at the news of the speech's cancelation.

Why? Well, there's only two conspiracy theories from folks close to the situation. The first was the security threat that the secret service is obviously hiding from you and will not bring before the public until enough people put the heat on them.

The second, and more likely answer, is that grassroots ticket distribution just doesn't work.

Organizing for America, the grassroots machine behind everything Obama (PIC included), wants your name. They want your address, they want your license plate number. They want any given statistic that can eventually turn into data indicating your voting trends. In that monumental quest, they screw up. They send you dummy emails and they get your hopes up. But the good news for them is that they HAVE captured your information. And you WILL get another email. Whether you like it or not, you are forever another name on a call sheet or walk list because, after all…you asked THEM for a ticket.

Think about it. You've been to a concert in the last decade. If Ticketmaster is distributing your tickets, wouldn't you put your information into But you didn't for the 57th inauguration. And that's because you're an interested voter. You're a potential donor. You're a tier 4 volunteer.

Fired up, yet? You better be. Organizing for America is good at what they do. After all, they've been using these type of strategies since 2008. Unfortunately, that's before the young geniuses goofing around at Chicago's Digital HQ realized they tapped into a goldmine. It's what you love about Barack Obama. He's close enough to touch, if you play your cards right. And for those folks that will have to purchase something that should probably be free, it's worth the headache.

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