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    The 21 Most Awkward Halloween Photos Of All Time

    Scary for all the wrong reasons. Via Awkward Family Photos.

    1. There's so much to regret here - namely the pumpkin bra, and that pumpkin stalk in the crotch area.

    2. Was this killjoy really the best choice to bring these two little delightful princesses trick or treating?

    3. "I know: I'll dress as a toilet for Halloween. Then I'll be the most popular kid in school!"

    4. Would you buy a house from these people?

    5. The baby is totally rocking this finger-sucking thing. The others, erm, not so much.

    6. Can you figure out what these little guys are supposed to be? And what exactly is that on their faces?

    7. That's those kids not sleeping for the rest of their lives.

    8. Poor gran only called round for a cup of tea, and ended up in this state. Families, eh?

    9. The family that rainbows together, stays together.

    10. This one is titled: ageing with dignity.

    11. To be fair, it's hard to pull off the "cute little piggy" look.

    12. The key question in this family picture is: which one(s) are actually in costume?

    13. It's all sort of romantic until you notice he's slowly reaching for the handcuffs...

    14. Then there's this family who are about to boil their lobster baby, and look very excited about it too.

    15. The best thing about this picture is the look of sad confusion on the face of the dog in the back.

    16. This little clown may very well come to regret his "Kate Bush phase".

    17. You'd think being a fabulous unicorn would make these two the happiest people in the world. Maybe they fell out over who got to be the back end?

    18. Here's a little dude that tried a home-made C-3PO from Star Wars costume...

    19. Kids grow up so quickly. Before you know it, they're too big for their storage boxes.

    20. So you're a....table?

    21. This little guy is full of beans.