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    See How The Cast Of "Popular" Have Changed Since 1999

    "I'm just tired of being compared".

    So you remember the TV series Popular?

    This was the theme song for the first series...

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    ...and this was the new one for the second season. Sound familiar?

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    This was the first TV project from Ryan Murphy.

    He went on to create Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story and, of course, Glee. Similar to that show, Popular was set in a high school dominated by tensions between cool kids and the nerds.

    It also featured a young, talented, likeable cast, many of whom are still familiar faces on TV today...

    Leslie Bibb as Brooke McQueen.

    Where is she now? Bibb is currently starring in the comedy series, About A Boy.

    Carly Pope as Sam McPherson.

    Where is she now? Pope has since starred in the shows Dirt, 24 and Outlaw.

    Tammy Lynn Michaels as Nicole Julian.

    Where is she now? Michaels isn't acting anymore, and instead creates and sells artwork and jewellery, as well as being a mum-of-four.

    Christopher Gorham as Harrison John.

    Where is he now? Gorham has since starred in the TV series Ugly Betty, Jake 2.0, and Covert Affairs.

    Bryce Johnson as Josh Ford.

    Where is he now? Johnson has made guest appearances in series such as Hot In Cleveland, Supernatural, and Glee.

    Tamara Mello as Lily Esposito-Ford.

    Where is she how? Mello's post-Popular TV guest roles have included The Mentalist, Psych, and What I Like About You.

    Sara Rue as Carmen Ferrara.

    Where is she now? Rue starred in the series Less Than Perfect, and has also starred in Rules Of Engagement, and Mom.

    Leslie Grossman as Mary Cherry.

    Where is she now? Grossman has popped up in guest parts in the likes of Scandal, The New Normal, and Modern Family.

    Diane Delano as Roberta "Bobbi" Glass.

    Where is she now? Since her days on Popular, Delano has been a busy character actress, appearing in TV shows like Two And A Half Men, and Desperate Housewives.

    Adria Dawn as April Tuna.

    Where is she now? Today, Dawn is still a working actor, producer and acting coach.

    Ron Lester as Michael 'Sugar Daddy' Bernardino.

    Where is he now? Lester also starred in the movie Varsity Blues, and dramatically changed his appearance by losing over 300lbs (over 21 stone) and having 17 surgeries to remove excess skin. According to his Twitter account, Lester's next project "is a radio show, 'Ron talking Shit with a Brit', so we'll be live in the US as well as England."