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    These Posters Perfectly Sum Up Twentysomethings' Addiction To The Internet

    Ajit Johnson's #This_Generation series is wise to your dependence on your phone, wifi, and Facebook.

    Ajit Johnson, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, has designed a set of posters entitled #This_Generation, capturing how tech-dependent we've all become.

    Johnson told BuzzFeed: "#This_Generation is a series of minimal posters made to illustrate how technology has invaded our lives in a humorous manner."

    He said: "Technology has made our lives a lot more interesting and comfortable but also has disconnected us in a way. "

    "Everyone is Skyping instead of meeting face-to-face, and texting instead of having a real conversation. Of course they are not intended to stereotype but rather re-evaluate the way we use technology and gadgets".

    So how many of these scenarios do you recognise in your life?

    Your first port of call in a crisis.

    The actual great divide.

    Where else could you mean?

    "Join, Maybe, Decline" is the new "RSVP".

    Pay attention.

    DeAl witH iT :D

    Some things you should keep to your selfie.

    Finally, a relationship ain't over until...

    See more of Ajit's artwork on his Facebook page.