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27 Pictures Of Men's Souls Leaving Their Bodies While Out Shopping

Being dragged around the Christmas sales, lads? These guys feel your pain. H/T: Miserable Men.

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1. Five more minutes? But you said that 10 minutes ago!

7. Wake me up before you go-go.

8. Don't you DARE judge me.

9. If you need me, I'll be in my office.

10. Not just lucky: blessed.

11. I need to reassess my life.

12. What *is* she doing in there?

13. You don't know the things I've seen, man.

14. I've had a vision of my future that is amazing and chilling, all at once.

16. How many kinds of lipstick can there be? HUH?

18. Do you think they've forgotten about us?

19. The things we do for love.

24. I'm just not built for this.

27. I'm done. See you next year.

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