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    23 Excruciating Tinder Exchanges That Will Destroy Your Faith In Romance

    Hat tip/therapy bills to Tinder Nightmares.

    1. This dude who failed to grasp that there's never likely to be "a good way".

    2. This guy who quickly crashed and burned.

    3. This man who invited some seriously bad karma.

    4. This guy who blew it, literally and figuratively.

    5. These were from guys with a lot of visits to a therapist's office in their future.

    6. These fellows who thought they'd got lost in translation.

    7. Here's a gent who didn't get the concept of a two-way street.

    8. This bloke who tried to make a virtue of his shortcomings.

    9. Time to meet the lads who will make you feel bad about various forms of seating.

    10. This guy who was lovin' it a bit too much.

    11. We'll take a quick breather for a pair of relatively sweet messages.

    12. And now back to the horror.

    13. This guy who learned what it's like to be the least wanted.

    14. This guy who seemed to have found a kindred lost soul.

    15. This individual who attempted the lamest excuse ever.

    16. This guy who wasn't afraid to move a conversation on.

    17. This guy who was clearly trying out a "negging" approach.

    18. This classy guy who was just looking for his boo.

    19. This guy who made a slick autocorrect recovery.

    20. This guy who nearly copped off.

    21. This joker who laid bare his feelings.

    22. This charmer who didn't know his left from his right.

    23. Finally, there were the guys who proved real, lasting, committed love is possible in this crazy day and age.

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