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Eddie Redmayne And Julianne Moore Once Had The Creepiest Film Threesome

They played an incestuous mother and son in the 2007 film Savage Grace. Oh, and the love scene was with Hugh Dancy.

This year's Oscar winners for Best Actress and Best Actor, Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne, have actually known each other for many years.

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The pair first met when they starred together in the 2007 drama Savage Grace.

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In the movie, Moore played a real-life millionaire socialite named Barbara Baekeland, while Redmayne starred as her troubled son Antony.

Ifc Films / Everett Collection

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The movie isn't an easy watch, and indeed it was pretty much panned by critics.

Part of the plot features an incestuous affair between Moore and Redmayne's characters, and in one scene they have a three-way love scene with another man (played by British actor Hugh Dancy).

You can watch their scene, which is NSFW, here (skip to 8:30):

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On the awards trail over the past few months, Eddie was spoken about how, as an almost unknown actor in America at the time, Moore took him under her wing and championed him.

And now they get to celebrate their Oscar success together. Aw.

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