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Does This Look Prove Once And For All That Maggie Simpson Intended To Shoot Mr Burns?

Maggie Simpson, you are a badass. H/T Reddit.

So, do you remember the famous "Who Shot Mr Burns?" cliffhanger that ended season six of The Simpsons in 1995?

You may recall that the person who fired the bullet was none other than toddler, Maggie Simpson - a plot resolution that has irked some Simpsons fans over the past 20 years.

But now Redditor Scarface910 has spotted a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in the first part of "Who Shot Mr Burns?" that indicates Maggie was the prime suspect all along.

When Mr Burns asks at the Town Hall meeting, "Who here has the guts to stop me?", every other character averts their eyes - EXCEPT for Maggie.

Maggie just stares at Mr Burns dead-on, with her killer eyes.

Yep, the biggest clue was staring at us all this time.

Then again, Simpsons fans have always known that you don't mess with Maggie Simpson.

Got it?