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    This Art Student Has Re-Created Movie Posters With Emojis

    Featuring emojinal responses to Clueless and Titanic, and a rather creepy Mrs Doubtfire.

    Sasha Zabelina, an art direction student at Miami Ad School, San Francisco, makes emoji versions of TV and movie posters on her Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

    The movie buff told BuzzFeed, "I made these as a personal project because I love great films."

    "I try to capture the essence of the film by recalling what I felt when I saw it, and what really stood out to me. Then I look at the official poster, and try to combine the feelings from the posters and the films themselves."

    Sasha said she enjoyed the challenge of distilling the essence of a movie into its emoji form.

    "There were a limiting amount of emojis, but it actually makes the creative process more fun, and you start thinking what else could represent what you wanted to say initially. For example, the poster for The Ring has just a videotape, and The Shawshank Redemption has an open book, which represents the Bible and a little hammer he was hiding in it."

    "Another challenge is the poor quality of the emojis, because they were not meant to be 500 times bigger (like in The Virgin Suicides poster). That's when Photoshop comes in. I also try to alter the colours to match the mood and the feel I am going for, but I never alter the shapes of the emojis, and always use a solid coloured background. I try to keep the posters minimal, and not use more than three emojis to represent the film."

    "I try to use a combination of classic films, with some modern ones, and, occasionally, films which are a bit more underground, but are worth watching, so that there will be a variety."

    You can check out Sasha's other designs on her Tumblr.

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