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19 Times The Irish Didn't Give A Single Feck

We don't believe in stressing ourselves out too much.

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3. When this swan DGAF about fast or slow lanes.

This guy reminding Galway to chill out and take a walk in the slow lane :) #OurCulture Big Thanks to @McEnteeCath!


4. When now-president Michael D. Higgins chilled at a Bob Dylan concert in 1984.

Michael D. Higgins at Slane 1984 to see Bob Dylan.

6. When this Dublin football team were celebrating winning an All-Ireland Cup Final – and casually ended up partying with the world's most famous boy wizard.

You can read the full story behind those pictures here.


Daniel Radcliffe later repaid the Dublin lads for his taxi fare that night.

Two years later,Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gent

9. When this man brought his donkey on a Dublin bus. Whatevs.

10. When this cinema made stringent preparations for the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey.

.@broadsheet_ie Precautionary measures already in place in Cineworld Parnell Street...

11. When this restaurant was extra cheeky about old Irish Catholic traditions.

@SeanMoncrieff We'll be open on Good Friday - pop in for some MEAT!

We may not have booze, but we have MEAT, glorious MEAT. Get ur BBQ on this Good Friday! #6MeatFeast for one day only!


13. When locals spruced up boring old traffic signs.

My home neighbourhood has a good sense of humour

14. And didn't beat around the bush when it came to descriptions.

@ShemazingIE: 8 things the Irish are undeniably brilliant at doing @Desleysmummy @ronans5000

15. When this business just threw quotation marks around like a motherfecker.

I have so many questions... Remember kids, use quotation marks "responsibly" (found in "Bray" this "evening")


17. When this sign at a water charges protest got to the real heart of the matter.

Always a fan of Father Ted quotes at protests!! #irishwater

18. When this lad got stuck in during St Patrick's Day festivities.

There's a guy taped to a lamp post in Temple Bar! #stpatricksday #dublin

19. And this dude was brutally honest about why he wouldn't be opening for business on 18 March.

Shop in Galway is closed because the owner is 'In bits from last night' #StPatricksDay 😂