25 Pointlessly Gendered Products That Will Either Make You Laugh Or Cry

    For those times when a man needs more than a regular sanitary wipe, and a woman needs girl-specific apples.

    Lisa Wade, a university lecturer in LA, compiles examples of pointlessly gendered products on her Pinterest page.

    Here are some of the most ludicrous examples:

    1. Protein.

    @SocImages Whats going to happen to me because I bought the regular protein and not the women's protein?

    2. These baby bibs.

    3. Kids' nurse's uniforms.

    4. Apples.

    5. Laxatives.

    Worth going on @SocImages pointlessly gendered products: exact same product, except one is pink.. and more expensive!

    6. A lunch bag.

    7. Tools.

    Thank goodness I found these womens tools. I don't know how I would be able to do anything if they weren't purple.

    8. A basketball.

    Hey @SocImages, here's an odd one-a gendered basketball that is "thin" and a "girl."

    9. Bubble bath.

    10. Flu treatment.

    @SocImages RT @priya_ebooks: man flu only for men. women get regular flu. bros only. flu. manly. #men

    11. Hairbrushes and nail clippers.

    12. Skeleton PJs.

    13. Cotton buds.

    Attn: @SocImages RT @SpencerAlthouse: Someone thought it was necessary to masculinize Q-tips

    14. Nail scissors.

    15. Snacks.

    Especially troubling since little girls are made of sugar and SPICE, obvs. #snackequality #boo

    16. Earplugs.

    Also earbuds.

    "Didn't know women needed different earbuds #sexism " @SocImages My soc. students are on the look out

    17. Trail mix.

    .@SocImages found at the grocery store: unnecessarily gendered trail mix. Note that women's is more $$$

    18. Binoculars.

    @SocImages More pointlessly gendered products seen at @BristolZooGdns (HT Emma on Facebook via @LetToysBeToys )

    19. Work gloves.

    @SocImages @lisawade Too many puns available for this unnecessary gendered product..."When working between studs..."

    20. Toothpaste.

    21. Man wipes.

    What exactly do men require extra in their sanitary wipes? Also ew.

    22. Fish hooks.

    23. Glue.

    24. Bread.

    25. Powder.