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    Nov 11, 2014

    Watch Out Kerry Washington, Rihanna Makes A Damn Good Olivia Pope

    Shonda Rhimes, make RiRi a GladiatoriRi.

    So you know how Rihanna is now back on Instagram, after taking down her account in May – and has immediately started having fun?

    Well, RiRi was in Washington, D.C., for the Veterans Day Concert for Valor today, and found the time to swing by the White House – where she revealed herself to be a massive Scandal fan.

    ABC / Disney /

    Here she is channelling her best Olivia Pope.

    And rocking her best impression of Gabby from the West Wing press room podium.

    ABC / Disney /

    Sorry, ABBY.

    According to CNN, Rihanna also had some business to discuss – namely, working with the Obama administration on charity initiatives such as My Brother's Keeper.

    But it was mostly about having fun.

    But don't get any ideas about taking over Olivia Pope & Associates, RiRi.

    ABC / Disney /

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