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"Dad Joke Han Solo" Might Be The Best "Star Wars" Twitter Account Yet

"It's okay to laugh sometimes Ben! Join me on the Dad side of the Force!" SPOILERS if, somehow, you still haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars parody Twitter accounts just keep coming. After Emo Kylo Ren and Very Lonely Luke, we now get Dad Joke Han Solo.

It does pretty much what is says on the tin: The cringey dad jokes come thick and fast from Pater Solo.

Today I took Ben and his "First Order" club to McDonalds I said "For MY First Order I would like some fries! My Second Order is a coke!"

Ben asked what my favorite food is I said Chewbacon! He said what is Chewie's favorite food then I said Ham Solo He almost threw up

Most of the lame jokes are addressed to Han's estranged son Ben, who, as those who have seen The Force Awakens will know [SPOILERS, again], also goes by the name Kylo Ren.

As his Twitter profile reads: "Just a dad trying to make his son smile. Join the Dad side of the Force! Haha! Ben why aren't you laughing this is great stuff!"

He ain't lying.

What kind of car does a Jedi drive? A Toy-YODA! Ben are you old enough to drive I don't remember

Ben potty-trained like an Ewok building traps. He sure knew how to drop a log with the best of them!

His puns pack a real force.

Nice BB-8 ink! Did you get it done at the TATOOINE PARLOR!? Ahahaha Ben Ben come see what I just wrote!

What is a bounty hunter's favorite cheese? Boba Feta! I'm sorry @KyloR3n was that joke to #cheesy for you!? Haha!

There really is no Endor to the wisecracks.

Me: Knock knock Ben: Who's there Me: Dook Ben: Dook who? Me: Me, Count Dook-who! It's count Dooku, Ben! #dadjoke #zinger #classic

Ben potty trained like he was making prequel films! That boy sure could produce a steaming pile of sith!

He's not afraid to really be-Leia-bour the word play to get a laugh.

I didn't know if Lando would like my jokes. I had to ask myself: Calr-is-he-in or Calr-is-he-out? He was in!!

The good news is that Han is open to training wannabes in the ways of the Dad Joke force.

You want to learn how to make #dadjokes from the master? You can be my "dadawan!"

And, hey, if you don't like it, remember: