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    33 Reasons You Should Quit Your Messing Around And Marry An Irish Person

    TL;DR: We're just deadly, OK?

    1. Well, there's the accent, the source of all our seductive magical powers.

    2. We also have a great sense of humour.

    3. As well as our swarthy Celtic good looks.

    4. We'll take the piss out of you as a sign of affection.

    5. Indeed, you'll quickly be introduced to the notion of insults being used as terms of endearment.

    6. We won't be afraid to tell you the truth, but in a really charming way.

    7. Yet, at the same time, we're really sensitive...

    8. ...and really romantic.

    9. We don't take ourselves too seriously.

    10. We're very chatty.

    11. Nobody can swear as much and as enthusiastically as we can.

    12. Our redheads are smokin' hot.

    13. And our brunettes are stunners too.

    14. We use the best chat-up lines.

    Forceful Dublin chat-up lines disguised as baby food names

    15. And we have some wonderful slang terms for having sex, such as "ride".

    This can be used as a verb ("Fancy a ride?" or "I rode him last night"), a noun ("She's a ride"), and even an adjective ("He's very ridey").

    16. We'll also introduce you to the wonderful term "shifting".

    To shift (v) - to kiss/make out with.

    See also: lob the gob, score, and scon.

    17. We just have a lovely Hiberno-English turn of phrase, in general.

    18. On that topic, we'll always have a supply of the world's greatest tea: Barry's.

    Because everyone loves Barry's tea.

    @BarrysTeaTweets put Dame Angela out of her misery guys! :)

    19. Our snacks are world-class.

    20. We have some deadly names, like Saoirse.

    ...and Caitriona...

    ...and Domhnall.

    21. Dating an Irish person is a great excuse for multiple visits to Ireland to see sights like this...

    22. ...and this...

    23. ...and this.

    Dublin City Hall, via Parliament Street.

    24. We might take you to an Irish sporting event, like hurling.

    25. It's not a party until the Irish have arrived.

    26. And we have a refined palate for the most amazing late-night, post-pub grub.

    Massive the staff at @Abrakebabra in temple bar are unbelievable thanks 😜😜#letseat

    27. Not to mention the best hangover cure the next morning.

    28. Catholic guilt keeps us honest.

    29. We'll occasionally speak the Irish language, though most likely only when drunk and/or in public in foreign countries.

    There's Tay-Tay attempting to say "hello" in Irish.

    30. We know how to spoil our mammies.

    31. We're very family-oriented, in general.

    32. Finally, the whole world knows we're all mad about marriage.

    33. And there's really nothing quite like an Irish wedding.

    In summary, clearly there's really only one nationality you should give your heart to.