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"Firefly" Fans Will Not Be Able To Watch This GIF Without Crying

Animator Stephen Byrne reopens old Hoban Washburne wounds.

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Seattle-based Irish animator Stephen Byrne is a big fan of Joss Whedon (and vice versa), especially the cult favourite TV show Firefly.

Right now, Stephen is working on a web project called The Animated Adventures Of Firefly, and he has uploaded a short GIF from the first scene to his official Facebook page.


Yep, that's the lovebird characters Hoban "Wash" Washburne and Zoë Washburne.

They were played by actors Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres.

And yes, that GIF is referencing a particularly devastating storyline from the series.

Jeez, thanks Stephen.

There's also a video showing how much time and effort went in to making just this one GIF.

View this video on YouTube

The Buffy piece took many months and hundreds of hours. I would not recommend that anyone hold their breath.


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