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    Benedict Cumberbatch Leggings Exist And I'll Take 10 Pairs, Please

    I'll take 10 pairs please – can I pay with Cumberbitchcoins? H/T: Poprageous.

    Benedict Cumberbatch fans, stop what you doing immediately and have your credit cards at the ready. NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS!

    The LA-based Poprageous is selling leggings bedecked in Benedict's glorious face.

    What's more, it looks like there's a matching top to be had too.

    The Cumberleggings cost $80 (around £53).

    But you may want to invest in a few pairs as you're clearly going to throw out all your other clothes now, right?

    And just in case you're wavering on whether you can pull off the leggings look...

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